Closing the Loop on Safety
Risk analysis, safety audits, emergency planning, response and training.


Professional expertise, technical knowhow, cutting edge solutions.

CIRCA Solutions provides expert consultancy services and training in workplace emergency preparedness and response. Our staff are long serving professional emergency services personnel who have vast experience and operational credibility. Staff hold tertiary and industry recognised qualifications in their fields of operation.
We have delivered programs to both government and private organisations across a broad range of industry sectors including; energy, construction, transport, health, manufacturing, primary industry, and waste management.

The health and safety of our workers and those of our clients, the protection of the environment and providing quality service to our clients are central to all that we do at CIRCA Solutions. As such we have completed ISO/JAS-ANZ Accreditation in Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management systems through Global-Mark (ID 105003). This accreditation further guarantees our clients that CIRCA Solutions will meet the highest levels of customer service, safety and client satisfaction.

Our staff are the people you call when there is an emergency. Why wait until then?
Instead you can utilise our expertise to identify hazards, minimise risk, develop pre incident plans and develop an emergency response capability for your business undertaking!